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Face Mask

Exclusive masks in our signature prints. Washable, reusable and wrinkle resistant.
50.00 AED 25.00 AED

Medium Polythene Bag / Navy Red

This DUBAIWEAR polythene bag is perfect for those who like to be unique and stylish. The bag is handmade in Mexico with a red,...
299.00 AED

Medium Polythene Bag / Coloured Stripes

Reusable, durable, and stylish, this is the perfect shopping bag for those who care about being eco-friendly. This bag is made of recycled ocean...
299.00 AED

Large Polythene Bag / Black Pink

Our exclusive pink white and black polythene bag is made from recycled plastic sourced from the ocean. It's not only stylish but it's also...
349.00 AED

Jumbo Polythene Bag / Pink & White

Large and spacious, our polythene bag is perfect for carrying heavy items and is also resistant to tears. This eye-catching bag is made of...
399.00 AED

Medium Hearts & Eyes Bag

This fun and festive bag is perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend getaway. The colorful hearts and evil eyes will...
399.00 AED

Medium Hearts Bag

Mexican made, handmade palm tote style is a great option for anyone looking for an everyday accessory! Palm leaves material makes it very versatile,...
399.00 AED

DW Medium Starry Eyed Bag

The Medium Starry Eyed Bag is a handmade palm tote that is perfect for everyday use. This unique bag is made in Mexico and...
399.00 AED
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DW Medium Red Tear Eyes Bag

This beach bag is full of good karma! The beautiful eye design on this bag is said to bring good karma to the wearer....
399.00 AED

DW Lemons Bag

This bag is a must have for the spring and summer season. The lemon tree branch design is hand painted and hand made in...
399.00 AED

DW Hamsa Bag

Elegant and unique, this DW Hamsa Bag is perfect for your style. The blue floral print and the hamsa make this bag unique and...
399.00 AED

DW Heart & Wings Bag

An artful and iconic design, this bag is perfect for the modern woman. The heart and wings symbol is a popular motif in the...
399.00 AED

DW Medium One-in-a-million Bag

Looking for a unique and stylish bag? Check out our DW Medium One in a million Bag. This bag is made from palm leaves...
399.00 AED

Medium Artisan Bag / Flowers

This DUBAIWEAR artisan bag features an exclusive in-house flower design. Palm leaves are dried and then intricately woven together to create this special bag....
399.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Soldier Versions

Prepare to be wowed by this Artisan Bag. It is made in Mexico with natural palm leaves material. The Dubaiwear exclusive army knight and...
from 399.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Lemons

Lemons are a symbol of freshness, and this bag is no different. The Dubaiwear Artisan Bag is a beautiful and unique piece, made from...
from 399.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Blue, Flowers & Lemons

Introducing the Artisan Bag from DUBAIWEAR. This unique bag is made in Mexico from palm leaf material and is exclusive to DUBAIWEAR. The blue...
from 399.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Prickly Pears

This bag is a true work of art. The skilled craftsmanship of our artisans in Mexico is on full display with this beautiful hand-painted...
399.00 AED

Good Vibes Magic Eye Bag

Good vibes only—that's what you can expect with our Good Vibes Magic Eye Bag. This beige bag is designed with the evil eye, which...
449.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Striped Magic Eye

DUBAIWEAR brings you the latest in boho chic style with this striped magic eye bag. This bag is perfect for your next vacation. With...
from 399.00 AED

Mutli-Coloured & Magic Eye Bag

This bag is perfect for your Dubai adventures. The evil eye on a rainbow colors background is a beautiful and unique design. The large...
449.00 AED

Seeing Eye Hand Bag

The Hamsa hand has been used for centuries as a sign of protection. So, we designed this beach bag with the hamsa in mind....
449.00 AED

Large Amor Mio Bag

How adorable is this bag? This bag is perfect for the beach. It's big and beige so it won't show any dirt. And it...
449.00 AED

Black Heart & Wings Bag

Carry your world with you. This unique and stunning black heart & wings bag is perfect for carrying all of your belongings. With a...
449.00 AED

Hearts & Eyes Bag

Step out with this handmade palm tote. The Mexican made, hand painted bag features hearts and evil eyes. The roomie interior is lightweight, making...
449.00 AED

Artisan Flat Bag / Lemons

Get your vacation style just right with this exclusive bag. You'll love the stylish and fun lemons design on this exclusive bag. It's perfect...
449.00 AED

DW Golden Eye

Mexican made, handpainted palm tote style is a great option for anyone looking for an everyday accessory! Palm leaves material makes it very versatile,...
499.00 AED

Artisan Bag / Picasso Bag

This bag is an original work of art, made and painted by hand. Every bag is an individual and unique piece, with its own...
399.00 AED

Artisan Bags / Crop Circle

This is not your average bag. DUBAIWEAR's Crop Circle Bag is a work of art. It's hand-made in Mexico and hand-painted, making each one...
399.00 AED

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